Monday, November 20, 2006

Bono solo Vol.3

01. Drowning Man (Madelyn Iris featuring Bono)
02. Staring at the Sun (Bono accoustic from Rotterdam 12/8-97)
03. Leon on me (Kirk Franklin featerin Bono)
04. Re-Wired (Jeep Grrlz Wise ass remix)
05. Mother of the disappeared (a capela)
06. One (Accoustic from Netaid 19/10-99)
07. Mother of the disapeared (Crayon Remix)
08. New day (feat. Bono and Wyclef Jean from Netaid 19/10-99)
09. Gun To Town (Johny Cash tribute)
10. Miami (with Allen Ginsberg)
11. All I want is you (live Omagh tribute 11/11-9
12. North and South of the river (live Omagh tribute 11/11-9
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday Accustic Kosovo 23/9-97
14. Ground Beneath her feet (Bono for Salman Rusdie)
15. Mother of God (English)
16. Mother of God (Spanish)