Monday, November 20, 2006

Yes - Close to the Edge [1972]

01 - "Close to the Edge" (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe) – 18:41 (This track is written in sonata form.[1])
"The Solid Time of Change"
"Total Mass Retain"
"I Get Up I Get Down"
"Seasons of Man"
(song sample - 176K)
02 - "
And You and I" (Anderson; Themes by Bill Bruford, Howe, Chris Squire) – 10:08
"Cord of Life"
"Eclipse" (Anderson, Bruford, Howe)
"The Preacher the Teacher"
03 - "
Siberian Khatru" (Anderson; Themes by Anderson, Howe, Rick Wakeman) – 8:55
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