Sunday, December 24, 2006

AC/DC - Shockingly Rare (2006)

01. Johnny Be Goode (live Bon Scott)
02. Ride On (Bon’s last recording with the band trust)
03. Angus Young guitar solo
04. Shot In the Head (Angus & Malcom with Marcus Hook Band)
05. Desert Sands (Angus & Malcom Live Life Is Hard Band)
06. Rosie (Angus Young live with Guns'N'Roses)
07. Back In Black (original unreleased version)
08. T.N.T. (recorded live with Dave Evans)
09. Boom Boom (live with brian johnson)
10. Lucille (live with Brian Johnson)
11. Hellbillyditty (studio outtake)
12. Twist (studio outtake)