Wednesday, March 07, 2007

AC-DC - Shockingly Rare-(2006)

01.johnny be goode(live bon scott) [04:51]
02.ride on(bon's last recording with the band trust [04:17]
03.angus young guitar solo [02:12]
04.shot in the head(angus & malcom with marcus hook band) [03:17]
05.desert sands(angus & malcom live life is hard band) [03:26]
06.rosie(angus young live with guns-n-roses) [04:00]
07.back in black(original unreleased version) [04:33]
08.t.n.t.(recorded live with dave evans) [03:47]
09.boom boom(live with brian johnson) [04:06]
10.lucille(live with brian johnson) [04:52]
11.hellbillyditty(studio outtake) [00:41]
12.twist(studio outtake) [01:07]
13.german narration parody [01:31]
pass: diaboliq