Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bruce Dickinson - Rare Tracks

Part 1
Faith (live)
Fog on the Tyne (live)
Frued Schoner Gotterfunken (live)
Hell No (acoustic BBC)
Here I Go Again (karaoke)
Hombre Triste (Man of Sorrows Spanish)
Inertia (live acoustic)
Innerspace (live)
Into the Black Hole (Aeryon)
Killing Floor (Radio Edit)
Lone Wolf (Xero pre-Samson)
Man of Sorrows (Orchestral Version)
Perfect Strangers (live with Dream Theater)
The Boys Are Back In Town (live with Marillion)
With A Little Help From My Friends (live with Marillion)
Part 2
Rainbow in the Dark (duet with Dio live)
Re-Entry (live acoustic)
Rescue Day (live acoustic)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Black Sabbath (live Skunkworks era)
Share it or Lose It live (early version of Armchair Hero)
Silver Wings (live)
Smoke on the Water
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Son of a Gun live
Man on the Street (demo of Bruce's first band Speed)
On the Road (demo of Bruce's first band Speed)
Tattooed Millionaire (live acoustic)
Tears of the Dragon (live acoustic)
Tears of the Dragon (duet with Angra)
The Zoo (Scorpions cover on the ECW soundtrack)
Travelling in Style (live acoustic Free cover)
Winds of Change (live)
Wishing Well (live Free cover)
Part 3
Bohemian Rhapsody (Montserrat Caballé duet)
Black Sabbath Live (Skunkworks Era)
Black Widow (Alice Cooper Cover)
Black Night Live (Deep Purple cover)
Beast in the Light (Trubuzy's Execution)
Bad Company Live (acoustic)
Elected (Alice Cooper cover)
Elected (without Mr. Bean)
Delilah Live (Tuska Fest)
Delilah (Last Chance Lottery)
Cyclops (Radio Edit)
Change of Heart (live acoustic)
Broken (live)
Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (Jazz version)
Travelling Band live (Bruce, Bon Jovi and Paul Stanley)