Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Madonna - It's a God - Remixes 2007

1-You'll See (Junior Vasquez Tunnel Anthem)
2-What it feels like for a girl (SDP Extended Dub)
3-Day another day (Victor Calderone remix)
4-Crazy for You (Tony Moran Club Circuit Mix)
5-Runaway lover (Victor Calderone remix)
6-Gambler (Extended Dance Mix)
7-Sorry (Man with Guitar Vocal Club Mix)
8-Music (Victor Calderone remix)
9-Skin (Victor Calderone remix)
10-Hung Up (SDP Extended Dub)
11-Hung Up (Tony Moran Club Circuit Mix)
12-Rain (SDP Extended Dub)
13-Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
14-Skin (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Remix)
15-Hey You (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
16-vs.Daft Punk-MusicfunkA(Extended Dance Mix)
17-Borderline (Wolverine Remix)
18-Lucky Star (Saturn Girl Mix)
19-Who's That Girl (Millenium House Mix)
20-Jump (Axwell Club Mix)