Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Rolling Stones - Through The Vaults Darkly (2007)

1.Dear Doctor
2.Child Of The Moon
3.You've Got The Silver (You Got The Silver)
4.Down Town Susie
5.Travellin' Man
6.Gimme Shelter
7.Highway Child
8.Schoolboy Blues (Cocksucker Blues)
9.Cocksucker Blues
10.Sister Morphine
11.Brown Sugar (Original version w/ Eric Clapton)
12.Wild Horses
13.Good Time Women
14.Gimme A Hamburger (Hamburger To Go)
15.Ain't Gonna Lie (I Ain't Lying)
16.Too Many Cooks
17.Criss Cross Man (Save Me)
18.Drift Away
1.Dance Little Sister
2.Everlasting Is My Love
3.Fingerprint File
4.Fool To Cry
5.Let's Go Steady
6.Yellow Cab(Do You Think I Really Care)
8.You Win Again
9.Misty Roads (The Way She Held Me Tight)
10.We've Had It All(We Had It All)
11.Indian Girl
12.Summer Romance
14.Waiting On A Friend
15.Undercover Of The Night
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